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Are you scared to get your eyebrows done? Or planning to get your eyebrows waxed or plucked?


Why are you in pain with waxing or threading when an eyebrow razor electric is available? Get the eyebrow razor and get a relief from pain.

Here is a small guide that will help you in using an eyebrow razor.


The success of your trimmed brows will depend on the preparation. Remove all the makeup from your face, then start. Wet your eyebrows with warm water; it will make the eyebrows soft. A light layer of moisturizer can also be applied.

Planning your shape:

After preparing, plan what shape you would like to give your eyebrows. If you are trimming your eyebrows for the first time, take things slowly and with concentration. You can also pencil in your required eyebrow shape before starting. This outline can guide you from where to trim. The eyebrow comb can also set the hairs, so those wanted hairs might not get trimmed by mistake.

Taking things slowly and in a proper flow:

Before removing, make sure you move against the grain of the hair. Not going against might have irritation and itching. Try not to apply extra pressure. Start by removing from the top of the brows. Then start removing from the underside of the brows. Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time and let things be smooth.

Protecting the Skin:

Use razor with soft hands. Don’t put pressure. When you have done your eyebrows, then gently rinse them with warm water then pat dry. Apply a moisturizer to keep skin protected.

Are Razors Safe to be used for Eyebrows?

Trimming the eyebrow may sound a hazard, but eyebrow razors are easy and safe to use. With many other cosmetic products and technologies, if you use an eyebrow razor correctly, you should have no problems.

The best part about brow razors is that they are pain free and the best alternatives to waxing and plucking.

Does Trimmed Hair Grow Back?

There is no need to be concerned if you think your eyebrows will never grow back after trimming. Eyebrows will grow back. It might take six to eight weeks to grow hairs back completely. It is important to remember that everyone’s hair grows at a different rate. Some people might see their hair growing faster than others.

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