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Do you shave through eyebrow razor electric, pluck, wax or bleach? Fashion trends over the past few decades have caused us to favor the hair-free look to the hirsute. However, the debate continues as to what the best method for getting rid of your unwanted follicles is.

There are plenty of options out there for those who seek reprieve from unsightly hair on the face, chest, back, legs or bikini line. The fact is, there is no real holy grail to hair removal. Choose a treatment that suits you, and stick to it. There are a variety of hair removal methods available today. These include:


It is quick, it is easy, but it can be fraught with nicks and cuts. It is convenient to pick eyebrow razors from any of your best private label skin care manufacturers. These days, you can even buy several brands of foams and creams to lather up and get a closer shave, but there are many who shy away from the treatment for fear of cuts and/or hastier regrowth.

As a general rule shaving is the preferred treatment for most men looking for a close cut, and quite often, the easiest way to tame a cultivated mustache or work on a specific sideburn shape. Women also tend to favor shaving their legs, for a cheap and speedy result.

Shaving is only a temporary method of hair removal. Most men who shave need to do so every morning. Most women who shave their legs will need to do so every 2-3 days in order to avoid visible regrowth.

eyebrow trimming


Known to be synonymous with pain, waxing is not for the faint-hearted, and also takes a fair bit of preparation and after care. Generally speaking, there are waxing “types”, who tend to prefer the method to any other form of hair removal for its possible long term gains (the retardation of the hair follicle leading to the thinning of hair and limited regrowth after a long period of time).

These days, waxing is becoming especially popular for the bikini line – both for women and men. Waxing can take care of large areas of hair growth relatively quickly, so many women prefer to wax their legs, while many men like to keep their back or chest hair cultivated using this method. Waxing, however, is known to be rather painful, especially when carried out in areas of the body containing plenty of nerve endings – like the pectoral region of the chest, or the inner thighs.

This depends on where you go. You can get use-at-home cold wax strips relatively cheaply at the supermarket or pharmacy. These require a little bit of prior know how to work the best. Hot wax can also be applied at home, but it is not recommended for non-professionals, as certain parts of the body very easily burn as a reaction to boiling hot wax. If you choose the at-home option, exercise much care and read all the instructions thoroughly.


This method is only suitable for small areas of hair removal, such as the eyebrows. This is a time consuming method of hair removal and can only be carried out if the hair is long enough to be grabbed by the tweezers!

Both men and women use plucking techniques to keep unruly facial hair out of control, such as eyebrow, nose and chin hair. The latter two are generally problems reserved for men – it is not uncommon for males to use a pair of tweezers for everyday grooming maintenance.

Hair removed by plucking does not change the color or density of the hair like shaving might, and if repeated in the same area may retard hair growth at the follicle and thin out to almost nothing in time.

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