Main knowledges on the Skin care

Is there an adaptation period for changing skin care products?
May 31, 2020

Skin Care Knowledge

1. All dry skin needs moisturizing
2. Dry skin is dehydrated for a long time, coupled with your improper care, it is easy to cause accelerated skin aging. Therefore, drink water in a timely manner in your daily life, and supplement your skin with food containing animal fats. Be sure to move gently during facial cleansing. Excessive effort will increase the formation of wrinkles. Do not use exfoliating products for a long time. At most once a week, facial exfoliation is enough to prevent the skin from losing nutrients.
3. Be sure to pay attention to dry skin makeup removal: When cleaning eye makeup, it is best to use oily products. The eye skin itself is extremely fragile. Using an appropriate amount of oily products can soothe dry skin. After removing makeup and cleansing, be sure to pat the face with moisturizing lotion to promote blood circulation while also allowing moisture to penetrate the bottom of the skin. Eat more foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin E in the diet, such as milk, bananas, carrots, etc. In addition to supplementing the skin with nutrients throughout the four seasons, it is also necessary to do sun protection in summer.
4. Oily skin needs oil control and hydration
5. Skin peeling is also a big problem in autumn. Do n’t over clean your skin, because moisturizing is very important. First, choose warm water to expand the pores, then wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser, gently massage your fingertips, and finally use cold water to shrink the pores. Using firming water can not only shrink pores, but also replenish the skin with moisture, it can also inhibit oil secretion and reduce inflammation. Drinking vegetable juices, fruit juices and other beverages in your daily life can well suppress the excess oil. For oily skin, it is better to eat a little lighter and eat more vegetables and fruits. For people with acne and pimples on the face, it is best to prohibit spicy food.
6. Special conditioning of mixed skin
7.The mixed skin condition is always in an unstable state. Because the skin condition of the entire face is not balanced, it is easy to cause oily areas to be more oily and dry areas when using the same skin care product on the entire face Dryer, so when cleaning the skin, focus on the T-shaped area, use a refreshing mask, and use a moisturizing mask on dry areas. Mixed skin should be treated better according to the state of the day. Attention to basic care for normal skin
In fact, neutral skin makes the best skin condition. Under normal circumstances, the skin quality is weakly acidic, which not only can keep the skin moisturized for a long time, but also can resist external pollution very well. . However, due to various environmental factors, neutral skin is also easily converted to oily or dry. Therefore, in normal skin care work, we should pay more attention to the basic maintenance work of the skin, first of all, the most basic work of water protection. Not only can it balance the skin's water and oil, but it can also alleviate the skin's sensitivity, promote the blood circulation of the cells, and maintain the normal metabolism. Therefore, it is important for normal skin to replenish water in summer or winter

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