Ice-cold skin instrument
May 29, 2020
ultrasonic hot and cold facial massager
Ultrasonic Hot and Cold Facial Massager
July 9, 2020

Silicone electric toothbrush

Item name: silicone electric toothbrush

Item number: TM-MR-212C

Patent number: ZL 201730382915.8

Product weight (gross / net weight):68g

Product size: 195*326*276mm

Packing: high grade packing box

Quantity / Case: 48 / case

Case size: 47*39.5*32CM

Battery capacity: 380 haoan

Product packing size: 226*126*50mm

Vibration frequency: 10000-30000 times per minute

Material: food grade silica gel + electronic component

Toothbrush head Customization: Children’s edition, adult brush head

Waterproof grade: IPX7 class

Color: customizable

Case weight: 14KG

Power supply mode: charging

Test: SGS 7 waterproof

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